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Desktop compositing with compton on Raspberry Pi 3.

It's been a few weeks (or maybe almost a month, or is it already a month?) since I had my hands on the Raspberry Pi 3. While waiting for the official touchscreen display to arrive, I decided to use the Pi as a replacement desktop for a little while. My experience with it?

It has been quite pleasant so far.

On the second day with the Raspberry Pi 3, I switched from Raspbian to Arch Linux ARM immediately due to the state of Raspbian/Debian that uses stale versions of packages and hindered me from using a lot of essential things as a desktop user. What I discovered was that the performance of the Raspberry Pi 3 significantly improved since then. One of the biggest change that I've noticed is the 3D performance on the Arch Linux ARM, running the latest 4.4 kernel.


Impressively, glxgears ran for about 150FPS without compton and about 110FPS with compton (configured excessive effects). Do note that the vc4-kms-v3d driver overlay was not enabled at all. This is a huge gain from Raspbian, where I was only able to get 56FPS with the experimental OpenGL driver enabled and about 26FPS with broken colours without the driver.

To make it even more interesting, I decided to try running the desktop with compton enabled. My desktop environment of choice this time is LXQt. I've been wanting to try out LXQt a few years back when it was still called Razor-qt. The performance of LXQt is very impressive. On a side note, I do think that Qt is underrated and should be used more on the Linux desktop environments.

So how did compton performed on the Raspberry Pi 3? Better than what (and most probably everyone else) have thought. With the correct backend specified in the configuration file (xrender), compton runs very, very smoothly on the Raspberry Pi 3. To demonstrate how well it ran, watch me open up a few tabs on Midori, also listening to mopidy + Spotify, ncmpcpp with excessive transparency effects on the desktop.

compton with excessive transparency effects.

All of that was done while writing this. Very impressive for a device with 1GB (minus 256MB for the GPU) of RAM. My first thought after installing compton was, "Why do I even bother? I'm sure I'll uninstall this thing right after because there's no way this thing would be able to do it." And I didn't. Maybe the websites aren't heavy enough? But you really don't want to visit the desktop version of Facebook at any costs or even opening up Firefox.

So far, I'm quite pleased with how the Raspberry Pi 3 have been performing all these weeks. I've been able to watch Full HD videos and streaming from Twitch at Source quality very smoothly with omxplayer. If any of you looking to use the Raspberry Pi 3 for a desktop for your children or mom and dad who weren't able to use a computer during their younger days, give the Pi 3 a go. It won't disappoint you. Just show them the right directions and they're good to go.

Unboxing my first ever Raspberry Pi!

#Unboxing the #RaspberryPi3. Pardon the poor #desk and #lighting. #Technology #RaspberryPi #OpenSource

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I've been eyeing on the Raspberry Pi for years, but only now that I finally managed to buy one. I have a simple project to work on, a very simple one. I'm not trying to be too ambitious. Besides once the official 7" touchscreen arrives, I can even turn this into a tablet for my own daily use, reading manga, watching anime or just browsing the web in general.

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I'm so addicted to Robert de Boron now.

Seriously, he's just so good. His favourite of mine is Beat The Classics, released in 2010. The album comprises of classical hip-hop arrangement, with great lyrics and raps by The Antidotes. My most favourite track from the album? It's gotta be Classic Flow.

"So what's your hand? I'm a King and you ain't got Jack, so what's the plan?"

The song is an arrangement of one of the most popular classical composition by Handel, Sarabande. Like the original composition itself, the song brings about a majestic melody of life of a group of rappers living theif life. Majestically.

"Who got the Classic Flow? The Antidotes got the Classic Flow."

The chorus part is simply amazing. The music, composed and/or arranged by Robert de Boron himself gives me the kind of feeling that I'm the Boss. If there's a song that I need as a confidence booster, it's this.

Ubisoft, please.

I've always heard anything but bad things about Ubisoft. Things about their games and software being very buggy and all. I've never actually believed them when I tried playing one of their games again myself now. I can't remember when was the last time I played their games, but today I wanted to try playing their new game, Tom Clancy's The Division Beta.

I'm not sure what the problem is but I can't launch the game. At all. Even though Steam detects it, Uplay doesn't and the "Download" button won't even work. I clicked the big blue Download button in hope that it'd try to install and discovers my existing installation of the game but it didn't. It just doesn't do anything.

But hey, it's a closed beta and I expected nothing but bugs. I've tested a lot of games during their CBT phases and this is nothing new, although I heard that this is an old bug and happened the same for the new Rainbow Six game too. Oh well, there goes my 25GB of download.

Let's Play! The Sims 4: Create-a-Sim

It's been a while since I last played The Sims 4. I haven't had much to play it since it was released when I started moving into college, busy with university life and stuff. I miss the time back when I was still in highschool so much, I pretty much spent years of my life playing The Sims 3 all day long.

Every evening after school, every night after my tuition classes and spent pretty much every single days of weekends and holidays with The Sims 3. The Sims 3 was so much fun back then. I still don't know how I feel about The Sims 4 but anyway, let me just start playing The Sims 4 and see how it goes.

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