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OnePlus One: franco.Kernel is not dead.

Francisco Franco released r45 of his franco.Kernel for the OnePlus One.

Yup, you heard me right. It's not dead. Francisco Franco, the developer of franco.Kernel just released a new version of the kernel, r45. Well, it's not that surprising as he never said he's stopping the development but it's very common when a developer suddenly stayed silent for a long period of time, it is already expected that there will be a lot of people coming in making their own conspiracy theories. Franco always show us updates through his Google+ profile and he never failed to deliver.

COS13.1 with r45 franco.Kernel

So what new in r45? As always, nothing much except that it finally supports Marshamallow. In addition to that, Franco now make use of the anyKernel to allow his kernel to be used with many custom ROMs. However, a few custom ROMs that have incorporated many and big changes, such as Sultan's ROM in particular cannot be used with the franco.Kernel.

The kernel have been pretty much frozen on the development aspect. It's only logical as franco.Kernel does not aim to add every little new features like your typical custom kernel, but focusing more on the stability and ease of use. Flash and forget. So far, so good. No random reboots, no crashes. WiFi and mobile network also have been working very good. The only thing I have yet to test is the GPS but I doubt there would be any issues with it.

I've always been a long time user of franco.Kernel, it feels good to be back although its only recently I switched to it again to try out the new COS13.1 by Cyanogen Inc. (It's boring as usual.)

Help. I'm confused.

Japan, can you please stop freaking my dick out?

There's no better word to describe this. I mean, I've never watched Re:zero. I also have never watched that old anime back then, with that guy of his own gender called "Hideyoshi". But Japan never ceased to confuse me with their crossdressing characters or in short, traps. The problem with this is that it's not Japan's fault at all, it's not even the author's fault. It's the fanbase.

Okay, what the hell?

Look, I haven't watched a lot of anime lately. To be frank, the only anime I watched this year were JoJo and One Punch Man. Oh right, a little of Your Lie In April. Yet, look what have happened to the anime industry. I've noticed this phenomenon for a while, traps are becoming more and more popular through mainstream anime lately. Or maybe I have this automatic filtering going on inside my head when I'm looking for a series to watch. Trap = ignore.

But then again, talking about the fanbase. There are some people who just wish that these traps are actually real women. I mean, that's good right? Since he looks like a girl, why not turn him into a real girl? God bless 2D images, where dreams can come true.

Warning: The next image may confuse and erect you at the same time, causing your dick to bend and break as a result. Proceed at your own risk.

Desktop compositing with compton on Raspberry Pi 3.

Who would've expected that the Pi could run desktop compositing this well?

It's been a few weeks (or maybe almost a month, or is it already a month?) since I had my hands on the Raspberry Pi 3. While waiting for the official touchscreen display to arrive, I decided to use the Pi as a replacement desktop for a little while. My experience with it?

It has been quite pleasant so far.

On the second day with the Raspberry Pi 3, I switched from Raspbian to Arch Linux ARM immediately due to the state of Raspbian/Debian that uses stale versions of packages and hindered me from using a lot of essential things as a desktop user. What I discovered was that the performance of the Raspberry Pi 3 significantly improved since then. One of the biggest change that I've noticed is the 3D performance on the Arch Linux ARM, running the latest 4.4 kernel.


Impressively, glxgears ran for about 150FPS without compton and about 110FPS with compton (configured excessive effects). Do note that the vc4-kms-v3d driver overlay was not enabled at all. This is a huge gain from Raspbian, where I was only able to get 56FPS with the experimental OpenGL driver enabled and about 26FPS with broken colours without the driver.

To make it even more interesting, I decided to try running the desktop with compton enabled. My desktop environment of choice this time is LXQt. I've been wanting to try out LXQt a few years back when it was still called Razor-qt. The performance of LXQt is very impressive. On a side note, I do think that Qt is underrated and should be used more on the Linux desktop environments.

So how did compton performed on the Raspberry Pi 3? Better than what (and most probably everyone else) have thought. With the correct backend specified in the configuration file (xrender), compton runs very, very smoothly on the Raspberry Pi 3. To demonstrate how well it ran, watch me open up a few tabs on Midori, also listening to mopidy + Spotify, ncmpcpp with excessive transparency effects on the desktop.

compton with excessive transparency effects.

All of that was done while writing this. Very impressive for a device with 1GB (minus 256MB for the GPU) of RAM. My first thought after installing compton was, "Why do I even bother? I'm sure I'll uninstall this thing right after because there's no way this thing would be able to do it." And I didn't. Maybe the websites aren't heavy enough? But you really don't want to visit the desktop version of Facebook at any costs or even opening up Firefox.

So far, I'm quite pleased with how the Raspberry Pi 3 have been performing all these weeks. I've been able to watch Full HD videos and streaming from Twitch at Source quality very smoothly with omxplayer. If any of you looking to use the Raspberry Pi 3 for a desktop for your children or mom and dad who weren't able to use a computer during their younger days, give the Pi 3 a go. It won't disappoint you. Just show them the right directions and they're good to go.

Unboxing my first ever Raspberry Pi!

Let's have a quick look at the Raspberry Pi 3.

#Unboxing the #RaspberryPi3. Pardon the poor #desk and #lighting. #Technology #RaspberryPi #OpenSource

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I've been eyeing on the Raspberry Pi for years, but only now that I finally managed to buy one. I have a simple project to work on, a very simple one. I'm not trying to be too ambitious. Besides once the official 7" touchscreen arrives, I can even turn this into a tablet for my own daily use, reading manga, watching anime or just browsing the web in general.

So, what do we have in the package? Of course, there's the Raspberry Pi 3. The other accessories are the 2.5A official power adapter, a frosted, curved plastic case that comes with a fan and 3 pieces of heatsinks. All these accessories were bought separately (even the power adapter), so it's not really a $35 computer anymore, eh? Well, it's all still pretty cheap and well built, so I have no complaints.

The Raspberry Pi 3 comes with 4 USB 2.0 ports and a 10/100Mbps Ethernet port. It's such a shame that it's not a Gigabit port and not to mention that it still shares the same bandwidth the USB ports, so it's not really that fast. You might think why I even bought the casing with a fan. With the new Raspberry Pi 3, it comes with a newer 64-bit CPU, the Broadcom BCM2837. A quad-core, ARM Cortex-A53 clocked at 1.2GHz.

Raspberry Pi 3 with frosted case.

Well, what's the problem with that? It's a lot faster than the previous CPUs on the older Raspberry Pis and that exactly is the problem. It's fast, it's also hot. As hell. Without heatsink, it would go over 80 degrees Celcius doing nothing. I'm not able to confirm the exact temperature while idle since I don't own any thermal camera to verify it, but you can go to Reddit and YouTube. There's tons of images and videos showing the temperature of the CPU when it's running. With the fan and heatsinks, the temperature will surely go down a lot. Again, I'm not able to verify this but according to the temperature sensor, mine is running at 47-48.9 degree Celcius (with fan and heatsinks) while streaming Twitch streams at Source quality. I can't say that I believe this, as there's a new video on YouTube showing that the thermal sensor is placed too far away from the CPU itself, so it's not able to get a very accurate reading.

The new Raspberry Pi 3 also comes with a built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. The WiFi performance seems to be very good, even better than the Ethernet port. As for the power adapter itself, the foundation is very generous to provide all kinds of adapters to fit every kind of outlets.

Another thing I'd like to highlight is the casing itself. It's not the official casing, I was not able to get the name of the company that made it since I bought all of these from a certain individual. However, it's very cheap but it's also very well made. The fan that comes with it is very fast but very noisy too. The casing have a very good airflow, almost none of the time that the outer of it feels hot or even warm when I hold it.

I'm still waiting for the touchscreen to arrive before I can do any real work on this amazing little guy. I do have it running Arch Linux ARM right now, most of the time I use it through the VNC. The Raspberry Pi 3, for $35 is amazingly fast. The fastest boot time that I recorded was almost 16 seconds. That's really fast. Do note that I'm using the SanDisk Extereme as the micro SD. It could be that card that's hella fast. But it's still pretty amazing.

I'm so addicted to Robert de Boron now.

A truly magnificent hip-hop composer.

Seriously, he's just so good. His favourite of mine is Beat The Classics, released in 2010. The album comprises of classical hip-hop arrangement, with great lyrics and raps by The Antidotes. My most favourite track from the album? It's gotta be Classic Flow.

"So what's your hand? I'm a King and you ain't got Jack, so what's the plan?"

The song is an arrangement of one of the most popular classical composition by Handel, Sarabande. Like the original composition itself, the song brings about a majestic melody of life of a group of rappers living theif life. Majestically.

"Who got the Classic Flow? The Antidotes got the Classic Flow."

The chorus part is simply amazing. The music, composed and/or arranged by Robert de Boron himself gives me the kind of feeling that I'm the Boss. If there's a song that I need as a confidence booster, it's this.

Ubisoft, please.

Does Ubisoft ever fix anything?

I've always heard anything but bad things about Ubisoft. Things about their games and software being very buggy and all. I've never actually believed them when I tried playing one of their games again myself now. I can't remember when was the last time I played their games, but today I wanted to try playing their new game, Tom Clancy's The Division Beta.

I'm not sure what the problem is but I can't launch the game. At all. Even though Steam detects it, Uplay doesn't and the "Download" button won't even work. I clicked the big blue Download button in hope that it'd try to install and discovers my existing installation of the game but it didn't. It just doesn't do anything.

But hey, it's a closed beta and I expected nothing but bugs. I've tested a lot of games during their CBT phases and this is nothing new, although I heard that this is an old bug and happened the same for the new Rainbow Six game too. Oh well, there goes my 25GB of download.

Let's Play! The Sims 4: WooHoo, a partner!

Single no more.

WooHoo? Yup, literally WooHoo. All. Day. Long. I admit, I'm a sick, perverted man. My last Sim on The Sims 3 was a male. He hired a maid to clean his house while he's off to work. One thing that he misses a lot when he's off to work, the beauty and cuteness of his maid. It is one day that he got a day off (Best Employee of the Month hype!) and finally met his own maid.

Oda Nobunaga

Mesmerised by her cuteness, he immediately proposed to her and she's no longer his maid. Was a maid, now a servant. By the time he was already the Boss of his company, he'd take a lot of day offs just to spend his time with his wife. Or more like, his slave. A sex-slave? I don't know, but that's what he did.

They'd WooHoo every day, every time, every hour, every minute, every seconds. Every where. Literally. Thanks to Nraas mods, they're able to WooHoo everywhere they want. Even inside the elevators of a nightclub. Looking back at this member, I remember when they were doing it in the elevator and got caught by a paparazzi.

Tough life. She hated him for giving her the biggest embarassment in her life. She told him not to do it in the public, but the man just can't resist his desires. He just wanted to go all in to the woman that he loves so much every time he can. Whoops, writing this is making this blog going off-track. That's a really dangerous topic to write about.

Meet Oda Nobuna, the genderbent Nobunaga.

Oda Nobuna

Well, she isn't really a genderbent version Nobunaga per se. There's no other name that I can think of while making her. I simply chose the name Oda Nobuna because I've watched Oda Nobuna no Yabou. A pretty good anime, did it had a second season yet? I guess not. But anyway, I thought that she'd make a good soulmate of Nobunaga.

Perfecting her face.

It's going to take a while but I'm so excited to show you guys when she's finished!

Let's Play! The Sims 4: Create-a-Sim

Creating a Sim is one of the hardest thing in my life.

It's been a while since I last played The Sims 4. I haven't had much to play it since it was released when I started moving into college, busy with university life and stuff. I miss the time back when I was still in highschool so much, I pretty much spent years of my life playing The Sims 3 all day long.

Every evening after school, every night after my tuition classes and spent pretty much every single days of weekends and holidays with The Sims 3. The Sims 3 was so much fun back then. I still don't know how I feel about The Sims 4 but anyway, let me just start playing The Sims 4 and see how it goes.

Creating my Sim... or Sims?

Ah yes, the most fun part in the whole The Sims franchise. This thing never gets old nor does it ever gets boring. Just admit it if you're a fellow The Sims player, you know how much time it takes to create the Perfect Sim or at least a desirable Sim. Being a guy myself, I have to let it out that I have never, ever in my whole life created a male Sim and play his seriously. It's always a female Sim, to fulfil my desire as a man.

So, naming him.

So, the most most fun part in CAS. Giving my Sim a name. Yes, it's a male and I don't have any ideas what to name him. I thought of naming him Oda Nobunaga or something, but... I don't know man. That sounds very weird, I guess I can make it work though. Oda Nobunaga, it is. Now the whole neighbourhood gotta drop the respects on The Shogun.

Oda Nobunaga, The Lord of the Neighbourhood.

...Wait, what? He's not a shogun but he's a daimyo? OK then, my bad... My bad. I'm no good when it comes to War History or just History in general. Oda Nobunaga, who is he? What kind of a person is he? According to Japanese history, he was a very powerful and influential man during the Sengoku Era, attempting to unify Japan.

God, this is so hard. This is why I prefer creating girls. Men are so hard to create, because it makes me feel so wrong.

A highly ambitious, self-assured, determinated Rennaisance Sim.

...Ah, I'm done. I'm so done. I had enough of this. I can't get anything right. He's supposed to be a Sim that loves friendship and unity, but on the surface he's a confident, determinated leader. How do I balance these things out? You can't put all of them in the Sims. He can only have 3 traits and he needs like 4 traits to be the person he is. Is he aspiring to be a knowledgeable person or was it all he wanted to be is unity, friendship and family?

Oh yeah, what happened to the screenshot you asked? Well, this was the original screenshot, before I changed his looks and all. I redid all of the screenshot, but I forgot about this one.

Friend of the World?

There seems to be a "Friend of the World" aspiration under Popularity. Nah, not what I'm looking for. He wanted to conquer the world, not befriend the whole world. Oh wait, I just discovered something pretty neat. We can actually give them only the first name without the last name? Now that's news to me.

I am Nobunaga.

Nobunaga, without the Oda. Now he can be what I want him to be. I want him to be the Nobunaga that is inside me. I am Nobunaga... Just kidding. It is just so easier to go this way bwithout having to think so much about the actual Oda Nobunaga himself. Besides, I have plans for this guy. Time to change his aspirations and traits.

...Or I guess not. You can't leave their first name empty. Bummer, I was so excited since I prefer only having first names anyway. Looks cleaner, and no specific identity to anybody. Just him being himself.


I am a big fan of glasses. Well, on girls mainly. Guys with glasses are the cool guys that I aspire to be. I do wear a pair of glasses, sometimes. I don't really like to wear glasses myself because of my facial structure the glasses would always hit eyelids and dirty them. Cleaning the glasses is a pain in the ass.

But what does that have to do with this? Honestly, I can't decide if I should wear him a glasses or not. He looks pretty cool with this.

Looking like a war veteran.

He does look very professional with those glasses. His eyes are telling us that he's been to far out places that no other man can be. "Fear me!" But man, looking at this and looking back at the previous image where he was still bald... Uh, makes him look like he's about to go bald anytime. Or he already is and is wearing a wig right now. Oh God, why. Let's have a look at his skin colour now... Nope. Just nope.

Looks more human now.

Ah, that's better. I think the previous tone was a lot more proper for a Japanese person but I do think that this is more correct for the males, especially. I honestly don't know. It's not that I've never seen a Japanese male before, but in fact I have a Japanese brother-in-law. He's definitely brighter than me but looking back at the colour pallete, I'm sure he's of this tone. Pretty much.

Oh, I'm sure he's going to get bored living alone. Or let me just admit that I'm the one who's actually bored of playing just one Sim. Before you ask, no I have never played The Sims with a lot of Sims. Basically, The Sims without Sims. Just Sim. One lonely Sim. The reason for this is mainly that I'm just way too lazy to manage more than one Sim. I have a lot to accomplish with one Sim.

With just one Sim, I can spend my whole time perfecting him or her. I'll have them practice every single skills there is, take on all career and their many different routes. Even befriending the whole neighbourhood and do crazy things literally everywhere on the planet.

To be continued...